José Samamé - Alicorp Soluciones Distribution Manager

I've worked in the company for almost ten years and I had the opportunity to learn about Alicorp's many processes, not only because of the different positions I've held, but also thanks to the interactions and connections between the areas. 

During this time, the opportunities for growth were numerous, and now I'm in charge of the Transport Management, providing support to all the businesses. Alicorp is firmly committed to promote the development of people. It encourages us to take on new challenges and provides several programs to boost our potential at the personal and professional level. 

Claudia Cornejo - Marketing Manager

I started my career at Alicorp four years ago. I was in charge of Finance in the Mass Consumption business in Peru. 
Before coming to Alicorp, I was away from the corporate world for five years, three out of which I spent as a full-time mom.   

I've worked in Marketing for one year. I started as the leader of the Oleaginous platform and now I'm in charge of detergents. In this new Marketing challenge I feel that I'm drawing from all the experiences, skills and knowledge acquired in Finance, putting them into practice to face what is to come.

Roberto Miranda - Financial Planning Manager

I joined the company as a trainee in Treasury. I never thought that my entire career would take place at Alicorp.  I've moved around in the Finance Vice-Presidency and I believe Alicorp's culture keeps you motivated to lead with passion and always give your best. 

It is gratifying to be part of a company that grows rapidly and gives you the chance to grow just as fast. Seeing the development of your coworkers is also very satisfactory.

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