Lorena Calderón - Business Partner HR Manager

I was about to reach my second anniversary in the company when I saw a vacant position as Business Partner HR Manager published at Alicorp Opportunities. One of the requirements was "to genuinely believe in people", and I thought "that's me".

With over ten years working in finance, I found an interest in human resources when I attended a coaching process. I was convinced that, despite my lack of experience, I would be able to take on the challenge, if given the opportunity. When they informed me that I had been selected, I was very excited. This is the most radical change in my career.  

Thanks to Alicorp Opportunities, I have seen many changes in the company, and this time, it was my turn to change. 

Adrián Mendoza - Channel Strategy Analyst

I have worked at Alicorp for several years and I'm always looking for new challenges within the Alicorp Soluciones business.

I checked the vacancies posted at Alicorp Opportunities and saw that there was a position as Channel Management Analyst. I didn't think it twice and applied for the job. I talked to my boss and he gave me his full support. 

As part of the process, I participated in group activities, and interviews with Human Resources and the area Manager.  
Starting anew in this area has been a drastic change. Now I have the chance to get a firsthand view of the comprehensive processes within the business. My team has provided support during the learning process for this new position. 

Katiana Reeh - Head of Digital Commercial Projects

I always check the Alicorp Opportunities communications because I'm interested in vacant positions in other areas and countries.

I wanted to apply for the Head of Digital Commercial Projects position and explore new challenges, even if it meant switching to a different area. The first step was talking to my boss so he would provide guidance on the application process. 

The selection process took approximately one month. I went to several interviews, including one with Human Resources and the Digital Transformation area. Finally, the change occurred and now I'm learning and contributing to this new challenge with my experience.





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